Jason Chisholm

May 14, 2024

After being reelected in 2022 for the seat he was appointed to, Jason Chisholm is once again running for reelection to the Rochester School Committee.

Chisholm also serves as the executive director of Tri-Town Against Racism, an organization dedicated to defending our community against racism through education, positive communication, and amplifying the voices of those impacted.

“A key aspect of the job is supporting the children, the administration, the educators and the support staff,” said Chisholm in an interview in 2022.

His role as executive director of Tri-Town Against Racism has enabled him to interact with a range of community members, he noted in 2022, including businesspeople, law enforcement and town officials.

Chisholm said that being in the sales industry has given him experience in having hard conversions, which he said can be needed on the school committee.

In 2022, Chisholm said he was concerned about offering ample career development for teachers and administrative staff.

“We’ve got a talent challenge” in an “extremely competitive” market, he said.