Learn to make floral arrangements with the Woman’s Club

Oct 3, 2021

MARION — Meet “The Lisas” with the Sippican Woman’s Club on Oct. 8.

The L2Florals team of Lisa Larkin and Lisa Tovin have been together for over 5 years after having met at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston Associates Program. Their love of flowers, art and home guided them to create L2Florals.

Club members and guests will meet under the Council on Aging tent at the Benjamin D. Cushing Center on Route 6.

Club members will first meet at 11:00 a.m. for a business meeting. At 11:30 a.m., members will join to eat a “bring your own bag” lunch. There will be water and a dessert provided.

The L2 program will begin at noon. The Lisas will demonstrate and assemble three Fall themed arrangements.

In addition, Woman’s Club members who would like to bring a Fall-themed decoration of their own to share are encouraged to do so. The Lisas will give a gentle review of each submittal.

There are no rules: You may use gourds, dried materials, fresh flowers, plants, etc.

The public is welcome but should contact Jeanne Lake (508) 748-0619 to register.