Letter to the Editor: Sewer changes are unnecessary and secretive

Jul 1, 2020

To the Editor: 

Why is the Marion Board of Health considering mandatory unnecessary private nitrogen reduction sewer treatment plants for all property owners not served by town sewer?

The same group who are pushing this agenda failed to prove the town’s sewer treatment plant is the source of nitrogen pollution in Sippican Harbor and are costing Marion and its sewer users millions of dollars fighting frivolous lawsuits and lining the sewer lagoons. Now they are going after the rest of the town. These private sewer plants will cost all property owners not on town sewer thousands of dollars.

Teleconferencing is totally inadequate for discussing this radical change in septic regulations proposed by the Board of Health. When the sewer lines were extended, the Board of Health held many neighborhood meetings for each of the three neighborhoods which were impacted at that time.

I suggest the Marion Board of Health table the new regulations until we can all meet face to face, rather than pass these regulation in the dark of night in the middle of a pandemic.


Albin R. Johnson III