Marion asks for resident input

Jun 27, 2019

MARION — The town is seeking feedback from residents on the color of new waste and recycling bins and  grants for the Marion Cultural Council. Surveys for both topics have been posted to the town’s website.

The new curbside waste and recycling pickup service will begin on Aug. 1, 2019. Color options for the new bins listed on the survey are grass green, olympia green, gray, dark gray, medium brown, burgundy, dark blue and royal blue. Other color suggestions may be written in on the survey. A color wheel providing reference for the listed options is  provided. 

The Marion Cultural Council Survey asks residents to rate several factors on a scale of zero to four based on their importance. A rating of zero is considered of lowest priority, and a rating of four is considered of highest priority. The Marion Cultural Council will use the results of the survey when considering how to fund future projects. Some of the factors include STEM programs, art education, and projects celebrating cultural diversity.

The survey also asks residents which types of cultural events they would likely attend if offered, and which segment of the town’s population is most in need of publicly funded cultural programming.

The Marion Cultural council has an approximate budget of $4,900 to give to allocate to grant recipients each year. The maximum amount of money for a single grant is $750.

For more information and a link to the waste and recycling survey go to:

For the Marion Cultural Council survey go to:

Both surveys should be completed before Aug. 1.