Marion Council on Aging continues to grow

Nov 8, 2018

MARION — At the annual meeting of the Friends of the Marion Council on Aging, the organization celebrated its past six years in the community and discussed expansion. 

Merry Conway acknowledged and thanked the group and visiting nurses for their contributions to fund a partitions project at the Cushing Community Center and donations made for renovation of the center’s office.

Frank McNamee, Chair of the COA Building Committee, shared the plans for the building’s two projects and spoke of the need for improving the existing space to accommodate the growing number of activities as well the need to offer seniors confidential consultation space when taking advantage of the growing number of services that are now available.

Kate Fentress, founder of Coastal Neighbors Network in Dartmouth was the keynote speaker and outlined their program and how they are serving various needs of their community outside those being offered by local agencies.

Socialization has been identified as an important element of their program leading them to solicit ideas for activities that resonate with its members.

Recognizing the success of the regular Monday programming, the Friends of the Marion Council on Aging is committed to ongoing funding to support these events.

As programs and attendance for the group increase, so must the resources.

To reach the goal, the organization is hoping to expand membership with tax deductible contributions. Membership will help cover the cost of the programs and resources offered at the community center.

Gifts can be made online at or by mail to Friends of Marion Council on Aging, P.O. Box 937.

During the meeting, retiring members Sue Wood, Chrissie Bascom, Priscilla Ditchfield, Jerry Garcia and John Turner were acknowledged for their work. 

New officers and board members were also appointed, and are as follows: Merry Conway, President, Andrea Keene, Membership Chair, Kathy Anderson Treasurer, Jane Stankiewicz Secretary. Board members include Joan Asker, Nancy Braitmayer, Jeanne Daly, Clare Healy Foley, Mary Ann Hayes, Edward Hoffer and Jeanne Lake.