Marion Eagle Scout candidate receives donation for town bulletins

Sep 6, 2022

MARION – When Marion Eagle Scout candidate Lee Grondin discovered the town could use some new bulletin boards, he got to work. 

Grondin initially reached out to Town Administrator Jay MacGrail about ways he could assist the town for his Eagle Scout project.

MacGrail told Grondin that the town’s bulletin boards have been “falling apart.” He told Grondin that the Select Board was anxious to get new ones, and that people had asked about them repeatedly.

Grondin reached out to Lowe’s in Wareham, and they offered to donate half the cost of the materials that Grondin would need to complete three bulletin boards. The boards will replace ones that are in disrepair around town, like the one located at Island Wharf. 

Since Eagle Scouts are not permitted to use power tools, Grondin is receiving help with the construction from a professional carpenter and family friend, Mike Tracy. Grondin will assist and paint the boards. 

“We’ve made quite a bit of progress on them,” Grondin said. “So, hopefully we will finish by the end of the month.”