Marion increases inflow and infiltration rates

Feb 24, 2021

MARION — After learning that inflow and infiltration mitigation fees in town were outdated, the Selectmen moved at a Feb. 23 meeting to raise prices from $0.60 to $13.80 per gallon. 

“Anyone who’s asking how much that is,” Selectman John Waterman said, “sometimes it actually costs us more.” 

Inflow and infiltration is caused by water not intended for sewer systems either flowing in from groundwater or from pipes, and can lead to problems with sewage volume. 

Waterman said that at times, the mitigating inflow and infiltration costs the town up to $16 per gallon, so $13.80 is closer to an average cost for mitigation. 

The issue was first discussed at a Marion Water and Sewer Commissioners meeting on Jan. 28, where the Selectmen tightened regulations around irrigation water meters. 

At the meeting, the Water and Sewer Commission — which comprises the Selectmen — chose not to raise rates for inflow and infiltration mitigation until there was time to analyze the rates charged by surrounding areas, while still working to make a decision by April, when the next lines will be hooked up to the town’s water and sewer system. 

Going forward, Selectmen Randy Parker and Waterman agreed that the board should review water and sewer fees once per year.