Marion Town Administrator announces retirement

Nov 6, 2018

MARION — Four months from now, Marion will no longer be operating under the supervision of Town Administrator Paul Dawson. 

At the end of the Selectmen meeting on Monday, Dawson announced that he would be retiring from his position on March 15, 2019, citing personal reasons. 

“This has been a really difficult decision for me but I think that in the words of the great philosopher Kenny Rodgers, ‘you've got to know when to hold 'em, and know when to fold 'em,’” said Dawson. “For me the time has come time to fold ‘em.”

Dawson, 60, told the board that he made the retirement decision after looking at his family situation. 

In 2016, Dawson took extended medical leave to undergo cancer removal surgery. After returning to the position, he said that the doctors used the word ‘cured’ in relation to his diagnosis. 

“I think you know that since my cancer surgery I’ve been dealing with some effects,” said Dawson, also adding that his wife has not been well. 

According to Dawson, the board will start discussing the hiring process for his successor at a future meeting. 

“I’ve been so blessed to have had the opportunity to work here in Marion,” he said. “There are a lot of people who spend a lot of time dedicating a lot of effort and energy on behalf of the town and it’s been my privilege to work with them.”