Mattapoisett is first town in the state to live stream 911 calls

Mar 13, 2023

MATTAPOISETT— The Mattapoisett Police Department is hoping to decrease their response time with the newest addition of 911 call livestream technology.

The department is the first in the state to use LIVE911,according to a Mattapoisett Police Department press release. LIVE911 is a livestream technology developed by Higher Ground technologies that allows officers to hear the caller in real time and accurately locate the caller. 

The updated technology was funded by a Massachusetts Department of 911 grant.

“This technology has so many advantages for the community and for the Mattapoisett Police Officers,” said Mattapoisett Police Chief Jason King.

According to the press release, this system eliminates delays between the dispatcher and police, allowing for quicker response time.

“Those critical seconds can save lives and help keep our police officers safer,” said King.

According to the press release, officers having direct access to the call lets an officer hear the caller's tone, which can be used to “to determine the severity of the situation.”

The technology also includes a feature called “Campus Alert” which prioritizes calls from the four Mattapoisett schools in the Old Rochester Regional School district. 

Although the department experienced some connection issues during the first few days using the technology, King said that the department has overcome them.

“Utilizing LIVE911 to help our Police Officers stay safe and protect our community is a priority,” said King.