Mattapoisett goes ‘gray,’ Rochester joins Marion in the ‘green’

Apr 23, 2021

New covid cases in Mattapoisett and Rochester remained steady this week, as Marion saw a nearly 50% reduction in new cases, keeping the community firmly in the “green.”

Marion, Mattapoisett and Rochester all have populations under 10,000, and the state determines the covid risk of communities of that size using a measurement of the total number of ongoing covid cases in each town.

Fewer than or equal to 10 active covid cases designates a low-population community as gray, between 10 and 15 cases puts a community in the green, fewer than or equal to 25 cases marks a town as yellow, and communities with more than 25 cases are designated as red.

Marion saw new cases decrease from nine last week to five this week. Despite the large reduction in new cases, Marion’s risk designation remained green. 

In Mattapoisett and Rochester, the number of new cases this week remained exactly the same as last week, with five new cases in Mattapoisett and six new cases in Rochester.

Both communities were upgraded from their yellow designation; Rochester was designated as a green community, while Mattapoisett shifted directly to gray.

Community-level covid data is released every Thursday, and can be found on the interactive dashboard.

The number of covid cases in the Old Rochester Regional School District has not been published during school vacation week.

Last week, there were four cases at ORRHS, three at ORRJHS, and one case each at Sippican and Center School.

Neither Rochester Memorial nor Old Hammondtown had any ongoing cases of covid last week.