Mattapoisett park bathrooms to open after disagreements

Jul 14, 2020

MATTAPOISETT — Selectmen voted on July 14 to reopen public park bathrooms, but not until after a discussion on the subject.

Town Administrator Michael Lorenco said the town has been working with a cleaning service  before phase three started. The town will also put up signs to make sure people wear masks inside the bathrooms.

Selectman John DeCosta runs a park and beach for the state and thus is in charge of bathrooms that are used by 750 to 1000 people per day. His experience so far has been good with cleaning, so “I don’t see any reason for the bathrooms to not be open.”

Selectman Jordan Collyer said the move could be “really beneficial” for parents who need to assist their children in using the bathroom.

Paul Silva presented a dissenting opinion, saying that just because the state is moving with reopening, “doesn’t mean we have to do such things.”

In his research, Silva said that Massachusetts is still in a cautious state with cases, and that the state isn’t far enough along to move forward with the opening. 

Ultimately, the motion passed, with DeCosta and Collyer voting for it, and Silva voting against it.