Mattapoisett students draw art from reality

May 4, 2021

MATTAPOISETT — Visions of Center School danced in their heads.

Now on display in Center School is a wall of drawings kindergarten and first grade students made of the school building.

Art teacher Greta Anderson said students made the drawings as part of a lesson on drawing from reality instead of imagination.

“One of the things I try to do with the kids is draw from observation,” Anderson said.

Plus, the art teacher said, “maybe it would be fun if we could try and draw outside.”

Anderson said she chose the school building as the students’ muse because it would be something everyone would recognize in the final product, but kids would be comfortable drawing.

Still, she said, “some of them were not sure where to begin.”

Anderson said many of the first graders wound up drawing the Center School clock tower.

“And I think that’s probably because they’re learning to [tell time] in math,” she said.

Students also wrote captions for their art, explaining their favorite part of the school.

Anderson said lots of kids said the playground was their favorite.

“They think of school as a place to play and see people,” she said.

Anderson said the project, for her and the students, is a celebration of being back at school in person.

“Just sort of getting back to some of that normal school experience,” she said, “For me it sort of highlights that.”