Mattapoisett trail ride benefits Toys for Tots

Nov 14, 2021

MATTAPOISETT — Dirt bike riders from around New England came to Mattapoisett on Sunday, Nov. 14 to participate in a trail ride benefiting Toys for Tots.

Over 100 riders attended the event, which was hosted by Southeastern Massachusetts riding group Pilgrim Sands Trail Riders and the New England Trail Riders Association.

The course, which was set up at the Mattapoisett Transfer Station on Tinkham Hill Road, featured a 4-mile loop through technical woods, deep mud and steep hills. There was also a less intense 1-mile loop for kids.

Riders had to bring at least $30 worth of toys, or a $30 donation for Toys for Tots to participate in the event.

“This is our fun ride. It’s not a race or anything,” said Mattapoisett Select Board Member and Trail Boss Jodi Bauer who helps organize the event every year. “It’s very muddy this year because of the rain, but luckily dirt bikers love the mud.”

Bauer said that while the ride has been an annual tradition for several years, the last two events had to be cancelled because of covid and bad weather. So this year’s ride was all the more important.

“It takes me about 3 months to set this up,” said Bauer, explaining that she has to make sure all the trails are clear of debris and safe to ride on. “And of course after that big storm, we had a lot of trees down, so I had to bring in a big crew. We had six guys with six chainsaws.”

The event was open to all ages and was attended by riders as young as 3 year old.

“There are four-year-olds on gas bikes, and electric ones for kids even younger,” said Bauer.

One such four-year-old, Eli Kastel, who attended the event with his mom and older sister, said he’s been riding since he was three. 

“I only fell once,” he said. “I got all muddy.”