Meet Greg Hardy

May 17, 2023

First-time candidate Greg Hardy is running for one of two open seats on the Rochester School Committee.

According to a statement released by Hardy, he is the son of a retired teacher and grew up in Acushnet where he attended elementary and junior high school before attending high school in New Bedford.

According to Hardy, he is running for a seat on the School Committee because he is “a parent, a resident and a taxpayer” who has two children who currently attend Rochester Memorial School.

“I’ve always taken a strong interest in everything my kids do and their education is no different,” said Hardy. “The last several years have been challenging for all of the community, especially [for] families, students and school staff.”

According to Hardy, he has been “paying more attention to the public school system and attending school committee meetings for Rochester Memorial School and the Old Rochester Regional School District.”

“I believe that committee members need to remember that they have a duty and responsibility to the entire community,” he said. “They need to work together, support each other and make sure that all sides of the issues are heard and recognized. Common sense needs to prevail and a middle ground needs to be found on dividing issues.”

This year, ten library books held in the Old Rochester Regional High School and Junior High Schools were challenged for alleged explicit content. This has sparked discussion over suitable in-school materials.

“I believe [that] school libraries are different [from] town libraries,” said Hardy. “As someone who donated books to Rochester Memorial School and Old Rochester Regional High School which were actually banned and not accepted, I understand both sides of the issue. Age appropriate books are something committee members need to be very mindful of.”

On April 26, the Old Rochester Regional School Committee voted to accept two of 12 books donated to the district by Hardy.

The two books that were accepted were “Woke Racism” by John McWhorter, and “False Alarm” by Bjorn Lomborg.

“Those are the two titles that we found met our selection criteria,” said Old Rochester Regional High School Principal Mike Devoll.

If elected, Hardy said he hopes to improve school safety by bringing on private security or a school resource officer provided by the Rochester Police Department.

“Old Rochester Regional schools [have] an officer and [Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School] is in the process of getting one,” said Hardy. “Our youngest and most vulnerable children certainly deserve it.”

Hardy added that he would “be happy to work with the administration on adjusting the budget for improved school safety. I’ve also talked to retired police officers in town who are interested in helping with this process.”

Additionally, Hardy said he would like to focus on “community feedback” if elected.

“I believe families should be made aware of everything going on within the school as it’s tough for busy families to stay on top of everything,” he said. “Studies show that a family’s engagement has a direct positive impact on a child’s learning success. Whether it's praising teachers and staff, bullying concerns, books in the library, or special education, it doesn’t matter, I would want to hear their feedback about their Rochester Memorial School experience and work towards making sure it’s a positive one.”

According to Hardy, he is “strictly running because [he cares] for the well-being of all children.”

“I am not a politician, I’m not perfect and I will never claim to have all the answers,” said Hardy. “No matter what, I will stay involved with my children’s education and be an advocate for other families.”