Nadir Chiclana, 76

Jun 27, 2023

Nadir Chiclana, a kind, graceful and humorous soul, passed away peacefully with his wife and son at his side, on June 21, 2023 of natural causes in his home in Cambridge, MA.

Born 76 years ago in New York City to the late FrutoChiclana and Katherine Lopes, Nadir lived a life filled with laughter, love and creativity.

Growing up in Marion MA Nadir was a child who ran with the big kids within a tight community of cousins and friends. Whether playing around in the nearby cranberry bogs or playing army, he could always hold his own using his wit and charm. Nadir was also a gifted track and field athlete. In high school he set the state championship record for hurdles, a record which stood for 17 years.

After graduating high school and spending a year at Northeastern University, Nadir was recruited into the United States Air Force, and would eventually move on to work at the NSA (National Security Agency) to specialize in cryptography. During his service he traveled extensively, learned new languages, and fully immersed himself in the cultures of Turkey, China, and Vietnam. Upon returning to civilian life, he traveled throughout South America and spent time living in the rural mountains of Guatemala.

Upon returning to the States and moving to Cambridge, MA, Nadir became one of the city's most iconic and recognizable people. When he drove around Cambridge in his VW Beetle, people would stop to wave, and whenever he went anywhere in the world, he’d run into a friend.

Nadir worked day jobs at the US Postal Service, as a chef at the Country Club in Brookline, and finally as a housekeeper at Cambridge Hospital where he befriended every person he met. His true self was intelligent and creative, and he expressed it through numerous passions and amusements, all of which he excelled at. He loved carpentry, photography, drawing, painting, and playing the flute and piano. Nadir studied world history, languages and classical music, told jokes and fun facts, performed magic for friends and family, and even built props for other
magicians. He loved collecting small items such as his 100 rubber ducks, and on vacations would spend all day fishing and beaching at Plum Island. Nadir was a man fascinated by the world, and everyone he met was fascinated by him. Everyone wanted to learn about this unique and gentle man. He is already missed by those he met throughout life.

Nadir leaves his loving wife, Susan Yuu-Chiclana, and their caring son, Alexander Chiclana. He and his wife shared 50 wonderful years of all that life has to offer. He was a great dad to his son who admired him immensely, and who has always - and will continue - to aspire to be like him.In addition to his wife’s family, Nadir leaves behind his sister, Zorida Johnson of Maryland, and a close extended family of elders, cousins, nieces and nephews.

Visitation and Celebration of Life service to take place at:

Rogers Funeral Home
380 Cambridge St., Cambridge MA 02141

Service will be on Monday July 10, 2023 from 11am - 1pm (remarks and remembrances beginning at noon).

Please feel free to share a memory you have of Nadir in the comment section below. May they be funny, whimsical, or heartfelt. If you would like to say a few words during the service, please leave a message in the comments.