Old Colony Cougars head into playoffs undefeated

May 23, 2023

ROCHESTER — The Old Colony Regional Technical Vocational High School varsity boys lacrosse team will be heading to the playoffs undefeated thanks to their win against Hanover’s South Shore Vikings on Tuesday, May 23. 

The Old Colony Cougars with a score of 16-1. The Cougars are the top seed team with a seasonal record of 18-0. 

“Today’s game went terrific,” said team captain Will Harrop. According to head coach Eugene Busa, the last game against the Vikings was a close call with the Cougars winning the game 12-10. 

“We won sixteen to one now and it is a big upset,” said Harrop. “We worked hard, it was a great game and  there was great improvement.”

Busa describes the Cougar’s current line-up as a “veteran team” with the majority of players playing since their freshman year. 

“These juniors and seniors have taken more of a leadership role,” said Busa. “They take an active role in helping to plan some practices as far as things that address some of our weaknesses.”

Busa said that the team’s respect for one another as well as their opponents has been a contributing factor to their success. 

“I think the one of the biggest things with this team is they stay humble,” said Busa. “They don't think they're better than anybody else, they understand that they got to work hard every single day to earn all this success.”

According to Busa, the team already has one championship under their belt by placing first in the Mayflower Athletic Conference. 

“It was the first time the school has ever won it for lacrosse and had it all to themselves,” said Busa who explained that last year the Cougars were tied with another team. 

Harrop said that he hopes the team continues to bring positive energy to the playoff season. 

“We will keep working hard and playing hard,” said Harrop. “Our next practice will be our toughest one yet but I hope we win.”