Old Rochester superintendent sets two-year goals

Jan 19, 2023

MATTAPOISETT — In the Old Rochester Regional School District, even the superintendent has homework. 

Superintendent Mike Nelson announced his goals for the next two years during a meeting of the Old Rochester Regional School District Joint School Committee on Thursday, Jan. 19. 

“When I’m setting my goals, I’m thinking about our mission to inspire all students to think, to learn and to care,” said Nelson.

According to Nelson, his goals include supporting teaching, learning and a sense of belonging for students at the school, developing a new five-year plan for the school, completing a “superintendent induction program,” and improving the school district’s communication with families. 

“I’m actually most excited about goal number four,” said Nelson, referring to his plan to improve communication between the school district and the community. “Even though the other ones are just as important, I think it’s a really appropriate and well-timed next step.”

In order to make improvements to communication, he plans to review and update the school district’s website, adopt an app that can be used to help communication between the school and families, establish a social media account for the superintendent’s office, and begin circulating a newsletter.

“I think [this] is a really exciting goal,” he said. 

According to Nelson, it has been “seven or eight years” since the school district’s website has been updated. 

“We’ve already gotten the ball rolling in terms of what that may look like,” said Nelson. “I think it’s time we commit to making sure our website is user friendly.”

Along with a new and improved website, Nelson also plans to begin utilizing an app to put “all school happenings” in one place for students and families. 

“I’ve heard from families, school committee members, and students that there’s a lot of places they have to look to make sure they’re not missing something,” he said, adding that plans to use an app will roll out after the website redesign which could “take some time.”

All of Nelson’s goals have a series of benchmarks and supporting evidence that will be analyzed by the Joint School Committee. Nelson’s final evaluation will take place in a to-be-announced Joint School Committee meeting in June 2024.