Opinion: Candidate misspoke on site plan review

May 7, 2022

Dear Editor, 

During candidates night on Friday, May 6, 2022, three Planning Board candidates Tucker Burr, Andrew Daniel, and W. Dale Jones devoted a considerable amount of time hashing out the importance of attracting business to town and the “arduous” permitting process that discourages developers.   

I believe one candidate misspoke at the forum. Mr. Burr noted the request by the business, “Uncle Jon’s,” to increase its patio space by 200 sq. ft. was met by a call for a site plan review by the Planning Board. That simply is not true. 

The Planning Board determined the 200 square foot change was not substantial and the change did not supersede any specific permit decision and voted 7-0-0 for no site plan review.  

When making decisions, the Planning Board refers to The Zoning Act which sets forth the requirements, procedures, and limitations that a municipality must adhere to when taking certain land use actions. May I suggest candidates familiarize themselves with this act?  

Eileen J. Marum