OR Senior awards list

Jun 8, 2021

Dozens of awards were given to graduating students at Old Rochester Regional High School’s Senior Awards night on June 4. 

From theater, to game design, to modern American politics and government, none of the best seniors in each class at the school went unrecognized. 

Students also received awards for participation in athletics, and superlatives were given to the top senior in each of the school’s academic departments. 

The OR senior awards were awarded as follows: 

English Language Arts

Advanced Placement English: Christian Noble-Shriver

Creative English Honors: Emma Vivino and Kayli Vieira

Creative English A: Evan Smith and Rachel Zutaut

English Honors: Madisyn Leavitt

English: A Megan Horan

Genealogy: Madisyn Leavitt

Monsters, Murderers and Madness Honors: Evan O'Brien-Nichols and Rachel Pina

Monsters, Murderers and Madness: Taylor Amaral and Colin Mackin

Theater: Emma Williamson

Department Award: Daphne Poirier

Foreign Language

Certificates of Excellence:

Advanced Placement Latin: Prosser Friedman

Advanced Placement Spanish: Kennedy Serpa

Department Awards

Latin: Prosser Friedman

Spanish: Emma Vivino


Certificates of Excellence:

Advanced Algebra With Precalculus: Samantha Winters

Advanced Placement Calculus: Emma Williamson

Advanced Placement Statistics: Emma Williamson

Finite Mathematics and Statistics: Maya Blouin

Department Award: Alexander Craig, Emma Williamson

Physical Education

Certificates of Excellence: Novalye Arruda, Reign Fernandes

PE: Benjamin Austin, Curtis Briggi, Steven Carvalho, Jacob Jensen, Ryan Quinlan, Ryon 


Department Awards: Kaylan Setler, Evan O'Brien-Nichols


Certificates of Excellence:

Advanced Placement Biology:Austin Fleming

Advanced Placement Chemistry: Austin Fleming

Advanced Placement Environmental Science: Rebecca Milde

Advanced Placement Physics: Christian Noble Shriver

Honors  Anatomy & Physiology: Paige Sommers

Honors Physics: Emma Williamson

Hon Forensic Science: Amanda Wheeler

Marine Biology: Reily Veilleux

Organic Chemistry: Maeve Geraghty

Physics A: Taylor Amaral

Department Award: Rebecca Milde

Society of Women Engineers awards: Rachel Foye, Rebecca Milde, Emma Williamson

Social Studies

Charles Washburn Award: Emma Williamson

Certificates of Excellence:

Advanced Placement European History: Bessie Pierre

Advanced Placement Psychology: Alexander Craig

Honors Economics: Rebecca Milde

Honors Local History: Emma Williamson

Law & Legal System: Rachael Fantoni

Modern American Politics & Government: Payton Lord

Philosophy: Jessica Vance

Sociology: Jaclyn Stadelmann

Department Award: Davis Fox

Technology & Engineering

Certificates of Excellence:

Architectural Design: Carly Drew

Computer Science: Alexander Craig, Katelyn Luong, Jonathan Pereira

Engineering: Colin Kulak

Game Design: Aidan Root, Tyler Wadman

Multimedia Design: Jordan Duarte, Lindsay Holick

Technical Drawing: Jonathan Pereira

Department Award: Jonathan Pereir

Unified Arts

Certificates of Excellence:

Ceramics: Christina Fisher

Drawing: Christopher Knight

Mixed Media: Claire Barry

Painting: Emma Carroll

Photography: Margaret Berry

Visual Design: Abigail Forcier and Rachel Foye

Art Department Award: Rachel Pina


National School Chorus Award: Isabella Carrillo

John Philip Sousa Band Award: Aidan Root

Louis Armstrong Jazz Band Award: Sierra Lanzoni

Stan Ellis Jazz Award: Mason Tucker

ORR Music Director's Awards: Margaret Berry and Mason Tucker

Department Award / A Cappella: Samuel Guillotte

Department Award  / Concert Band: Colin Mackin

Department Award / Jazz Band: Mason Tucker

Department Award / Chorus: Maureen Stephens 

Family and Consumer Science

Community Service in Early Childhood Education: Claire Barry, Carly Drew

Athletic Department Awards

Andrew J. Santos Award: Thomas Durocher

Elliott Macomber Memorial Award: Meghan Horan

Joao Rodrigues Athletic Award: Emma Carroll

Lester Teixeira Athletic Award: David Reynolds

Girls Basketball Melissa Duarte Memorial Award: Meghan Horan

Girls Soccer Melissa Duarte Memorial Award: Kennedy Serpa

Girls Softball Melissa Duarte Memorial Award: Meaghan Dufresne

Girls Track Melissa Duarte Memorial Award: Jillian Langlais

Drama Club Awards

Nolan Gibbons Memorial Scholarship - JHS Drama Club: Bessie Pierre

Unsung Hero Student Council Awards: 

Curtis Briggi, Colin Mackin, Rachel Pina, Parker Simpson

Assistant Principal's Award: 

Reign Fernandes

Superintendent's Award:

Alexander Craig

Principal Awards:

Isabella Carrillo, Colin Mackin, Cameron Spencer, Lucy Zhang

National Merit Scholarship Program Commended Students: Alexander Craig, Parker Simpson, Evan Smith, Emma Vivino

College Board Rural and Small Town Scholar Awards: Alexander Craig, Parker Simpson, Evan Smith, Paige Sommers, Emma Vivino, Emma Williamson

Joan Walsh Book Award: Emma Williamson

Scholar Athlete Award: Rebecca Milde