ORR School Committee approves $19.9 million budget

Mar 24, 2021

The Old Rochester Regional School Committee approved a $19.9 million budget for the ORR Junior High and High Schools

The budget reflects an increase of nearly $300,000 over the 2021 Fiscal year.

Assistant Superintendent Howie Barber broke the budget down for School Committee members at a March 24 public hearing, before they voted unanimously to approve the budget.

The budget encompasses the needs of the Old Rochester Regional High School and Junior High, the athletic department, the central office, and other expenditures related to the district’s main campus.

In the budget, costs are assessed to each town in the school district based on Marion, Mattapoisett and Rochester’s respective enrollment in the schools, wages, property value, inflation and municipal growth.

For the Fiscal year 2022 budget, Marion is assessed $5.11 million, Mattapoisett is assessed $6.24 million, and Rochester is assessed $4.99 million.

Other costs in the budget are offset by school choice, grants and revolving funds. 

No public comments were made about the budget following Barber’s presentation.

“I strongly feel that the work done by the budget committee as well as Mr. Barber is a fresh look on this budget,” Superintendent Michael Nelson said, adding that he’s “verty confident” the budget will meet the needs of the faculty and students in the district — and provide groundwork for years to come.

The budget is both Nelson and Barber’s first in their respective roles at the district.

The School Committee voted unanimously to approve the Fiscal Year 22 budget.