Post-Thanksgiving walk features muddy dogs and cranberry bogs

Nov 25, 2018

MARION — Dogs and their owners braved muddy trails on Sunday during the annual post-Thanksgiving walk hosted by the Sippican Lands Trust. 

The dog walk was held at the Sippican Lands Trust's White Eagle property, far off of Parlowtown Road and Route 6. The property is at the end of a rain-soaked dirt road, behind an abandoned cranberry bog.

Sippican Lands Trust President Alan Harris led the walk with his dogs, Eddy and Kenai. Both dogs, who were equal parts curious and energetic, introduced themselves to their fellow canines and led most of the walk. 

Only a handful of trailblazers joined the Lands Trust this year, and Harris suspects the poor weather prior to the event was the primary cause for a low turnout. Nevertheless, those who did attend the walk made the most out of the opportunity to explore the area. 

The trail the group took skirts alongside an the existing cranberry bog where stray heaps of cranberries floated near the edge of the water.  

Harris explained that the 248-acre property has about 10 miles of trails but that he is looking to expand the distance in the near future.