Purchase of new Rochester police dog questioned by town

Jan 16, 2024

ROCHESTER — What has four paws, a wet nose and protects and serves the people of Rochester? Clyde, a comfort therapy K-9 whose purchase by the Rochester Police Department has raised questions from town administration.

According to the Rochester Police Brotherhood, which announced Clyde’s arrival on Thursday, Jan. 4, the black, brown and white corgi was “paid for through generous donations” after the police department “received pushback” from the town of Rochester. 

This pushback included “a demand for the police department to return the dog,” the Rochester Police Brotherhood wrote in a Facebook post. 

According to Rochester Town Administrator Glenn Cannon, there are “several outstanding issues” regarding Clyde’s ownership, insurance, liability, costs and care that the town hoped would be resolved before he was purchased by the police department, “but unfortunately they were not.”

“We are looking to get clarification from [Rochester Police Chief Robert Small] on these matters,” said Cannon.

Clyde is “fully owned and fully funded” by School Resource Officer Catherine Connolly, said the police brotherhood.

Born in 2023, Clyde is a member of the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office Comfort Dog Program, according to the District Attorney’s Office. He was acquired from and trained by Middleboro-based Professional Canine Services.

According to the Rochester Police Brotherhood, “community policing is vital to a successful police department” and to help facilitate that, Clyde has his own Facebook page that will allow police to “stay in touch with our community and keep everyone updated with Clyde’s success.”