Recreation departments mark the end of basketball with tournament

Mar 16, 2020

The Tri-Town Basketball Playoffs on Thursday, March 12 was the final night for Tri-Town basketball. The league had over 190 participants in grades 3 through 6 from Mattapoisett, Marion and Rochester.

The first game of the evening was the Girls Grade 3 to 6 finals. Team Sparks, coached by Sarabeth Morrell, played the Mystics coached by Tim Harkins. It was a very close game through the third quarter, when Team Sparks pulled ahead 12-9. In the final quarter the Mystics came out strong and brought the score to 11-12 in the first two minutes of the quarter. A Mystics foul shot tied the game with 2:46 remaining. The Sparks scored with 2:29 left to go up 14-12 then a foul shot brought the final score to 15-12. The high scorer for team Sparks was Alivia Miranda, with 8 points.

The Boys Third and Fourth Grade final had the Raptors, coached by Evan Dube and Chris Wadsworth, playing the Heat, coached by David Arancio and Sarah Thomas. The Raptors came out strong and went up 4-0 in the first three minutes. The Heat then rallied to go up 7-4 by the end of the quarter. The second quarter had the Raptors hit three shots and two free throws to go up 12-9 to end the half. The Heat came out strong to go up 13-12. Both teams had a strong quarter to end the third period tied 19-19. Both teams played a hard, defensive battle in the final quarter but the Raptors pulled ahead to win 24-22. High scorer for the Raptors was Nathan Dubuc with 12 points. Heat high scorer was Andrew Hebert with 10 point.

The Boys Fifth and Sixth Grade final had the Warriors, coached by Jen Porter and Lindsay Harding, playing the Bulls, coached by Peter Brzezinski and Jill Paquette. The Warriors took an early 4-point lead, but the Bulls came back to finish the quarter tied 4-4. The second quarter was a back and forth battle to end that left the Warriors up 9-8. After the half, both teams played hard and the score at the end of the third was tied 13-13. The Warriors scored early in the fourth quarter to go up 15-13 but the Bulls answered with two baskets and a foul shot to go up 18-15 with about three minutes left. The Bulls then went on a run to win 26-16. Brock Winslow was the high scorer for the Bulls, with 10 points. Bennett Goodwin was the top scorer for the Warriors, with 8 points.

All three games were close right up until the final minutes. Director Greta Fox wishes to thank the coaches for volunteering their time.