Selectmen get tough on River Road trucks

Jan 12, 2021

MATTAPOISETT — Expect to see some updated signage around the Arch Bridge on River Road. 

Noting an abundance of large trucks crossing the historic bridge, the Mattapoisett Selectmen decided at a Jan. 12 meeting  to find a way to alert those drivers that they are not intended to cross.

In 2019, the Board of Selectmen, in collaboration with the Department of Transportation, approved a regulation that banned vehicles exceeding a 2.5 ton carrying capacity from going on the bridge which is noted by signs on both sides of the crossing.

“It took a lot to get the DOT to allow that restriction,” Chairman Paul Silva said. “It should be adhered to.”

According to resident Bob Spooner, since the regulation went into effect, large trucks have continued to go across the bridge and that many drivers said “they never saw the signs.” 

“It’s been going on for over 15 months now,” he said. 

Until new signs can be put up, Silva plans to have the police put up temporary electronic message boards to alert commercial drivers about the allowed capacity to cross the bridge.