Sippican Zoo awash in animal facts

Jun 11, 2019

MARION — On the morning of June 6, Sippican School Cafeteria was a zoo, not only because it was busy, noisy and hot, but also because many students had dressed up as animals for animal presentations that they were giving that day. 

Over the last month, students put together posters and slideshow presentations on animals of their choosing, focusing on both internal and external aspects of the animals. Predators like snow leopards, pandas and black panthers had multiple posters scattered throughout the room, but lesser-known animals like tomato hornworms also made poster appearances. 

With all the knowledge that students had collectively accumulated, the cafeteria became a great place to pick up animal trivia. 

Jessa Bentz was surprised to learn that when it comes to polar bears, “they are actually considered marine mammals because of the amount of time that they spend in the water.” 

Her poster neighbor Rachel DuRocher learned that scientists have discovered panda fossils from 1 to 2 million years ago. 

The coolest thing that Luke Pierre learned about platypuses is that they are poisonous. 

In researching for her project on cheetah, Gia Boyd learned that “they are the fastest land animal, and have really long legs and a really deep chest to be able to run so fast.” 

Kangaroos are also apparently very speedy. They can run up to 35 miles an hour and jump six feet in the air, according to Georgia Bailey. 

Ellen Robitaille learned that sea turtles can hold their breath underwater for five hours.