Tabor Academy shares more details of online learning model

Apr 1, 2020

MARION — As of March 26, school is still “in-session” for Tabor Academy, but a distance, as the school explores online learning. 

The Tabor learning model for online classes will include both scheduled class time and coursework completed outside of these scheduled blocks. The two tasks serve very different purposes. 

“Asynchronous work is typically for deeper learning,” said Eileen Marceau, associate head of school for academic affairs, “while synchronous meetings are more about connection and maintaining community — an important goal of this effort.”

Tabor teachers will provide goals, materials and tasks in two-week increments through the school’s web portal. During video conferences, students and teachers will check in, ask questions, catch each other up and discuss material. 

Outside of this time, Marceau explains that teachers should really become more of an instructional coach, learning mentor, and facilitator, providing structure and goals for students and supporting them, both individually and in a group.

Student clubs and activities will meet online after the school day and in the evenings. The school also provides students with the opportunity to check in with advisors, college counselors and counselors for mental health. 

“While we much prefer to be together on campus, sharing experiences in real-time, we are pleased with what has been possible through the hard work and perseverance of our community,” said Kerry Saltonstall, director of communications for the school.