Teachers on top in student vs. teacher basketball game

Jan 11, 2019

ROCHESTER — This basketball game was all in good fun, which was apparent when one player got knocked, helped up, and hugged. 

On Jan. 11 Rochester Memorial students and teachers faced off on the basketball court in a fundraising match to benefit the Nurse Thayer Memorial fund.

For the first half of the game the teachers and students stayed neck and neck. They finished off the first half with the teachers just slightly ahead 24 to 22.

Both teams scored right off the bat in the second half, but the teachers gradually edged ahead until they had 36 points to the students 28 about halfway through the period.

The student athletes rallied and brought the score back up to 36 to 34 when one of the students stole the ball and ran across the court for a shot.

But by the time six minutes were left in the period the teachers had lengthened their lead to eight points, with the score at 44 to 36. Though both teams scored additional points before the final buzzer, the teachers were still ahead 52-45 at the end of the game.

The athletic action was accompanied by a soundtrack, provided by Sue Audette and the Rochester Memorial School band. The match’s announcer also bent the rules of usual sports commentary, at times singing along with the band, and stopping to compliment Nikita Higgins on her socks during a pause in the play.

Higgins was on the court at the time, but responded with a thumbs up.