Teens celebrate Pride month with art

Jun 10, 2023

MARION — Local teens celebrated Pride month with art during the Marion Art Center’s pride workshop on Saturday, June 10. 

Artist and Marion Art Center instructor Kate Frazer Rego said that she wanted to host a pride workshop to celebrate the community and to give local teens and tweens a platform to express themselves. 

“Pride, especially now,  is a time where so many queer folks are having their voices stifled,” said Rego. “It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to celebrate each other and celebrate still being our authentic selves during a time when it can be difficult. 

Participants created Pride flags, buttons and patches to represent their identity and orientation. 

Audrey Pither, 16, created a green, white, gray and black flag to represent aromanticism. According to Pither, who identifies as aromantic, aromantics experience a lack of romantic attraction towards others.

Pitcher said that they wanted to make an aromantic flag because they believe aromantics are not represented often.

“I haven’t really been to many Pride events in this area,” said Pither. “It is nice to be recognized and to be seen.”