Tri-Town covid risk lowered with state’s new data system

Nov 7, 2020

In the release of the state’s Nov. 5 weekly covid data, the commonwealth changed its system of metrics used to designate each community’s infection risk to a more specific scale that takes population into account. Now, Marion and Rochester are in the gray, and Mattapoisett moved down from yellow to green.

For towns with less than 10,000 people, gray now designates that there are less than or equal to 10 cases, green is less than or equal to 15 cases, yellow is less than or equal to 25 cases, and red is more than 25 cases.

According to the state’s data, Mattapoisett has 14 active cases, and Marion has 10 cases, and Rochester has less than five as of Nov. 4. 

This number has already changed in Marion, as 33 new cases of covid were confirmed amongst residents and staff at Sippican Healthcare Center on Nov. 6.