VASE needs more volunteers

Dec 18, 2018
“Work is love made visible.” It was one of my mother’s favorite expressions. A teacher of 40 years (including her post-retirement “subbing” career), she had a bias for action. I was thinking of her as I attended my first Volunteers at Sippican Elementary (VASE) meeting recently. She would have been thrilled to watch four committed VASE leaders and a faculty member work their way through a busy agenda on a chilly December morning at Sippican School.  

Performance arts grants, new book gift cards, after-school enrichment programs, back-to-school kits, a staff appreciation lunch, skip the screen week, and the Marion occupational day are just part of the substantial work VASE does. The purpose is simple — support students and teachers so both can have the opportunity to do their best and be their best.

As a newbie, I was welcomed warmly and encouraged to take on as little or as much as I wanted. Life for most parents is busy, so my favorite quote I heard about busy schedules and volunteering at Sippican School was,“You don’t have to come here, to be here.” Love it. In fact, I enjoyed the whole experience with kids and teachers marching up and down the hallways accompanied by an uplifting elementary school soundtrack of sneaker squeaks, teacher directions, and the occasional giggle.

To be candid, the workload is unevenly spread among a handful of hardworking volunteers (at least two dedicating 40 hours/week). My extremely limited commitment on a couple of projects was warmly welcomed so there are roles for everyone.The leaders and organization are in place but they could use a few more hands. Your work is love made visible.

Meetings are regularly held the 2nd Thursday of each month at 9 a.m. in the VASE office at Sippican, but in January, they are also holding a 6:30pm meeting on January 10th for those who can’t make the 9am time. Contact for more information on ways to get involved.  
Dan Cooney