Vendors, singers, residents come to Knights of Columbus for fair

Sep 28, 2019

MATTAPOISETT — The front of the Knights of Columbus looked like a parking lot, but behind the hall, almost 50 vendors set up booths with wares and food, turning a grassy area into a market for the Knights’ Fall Festival. 

This year was the first year that the group has hosted the festival, though it hopes the event will become an annual tradition. 

Funds from this weekend’s festival will go to helping the Knights improve their roof, install handicap bathroom and perform other fixes on their hall, so they don’t have to take the money away from the charitable organizations that they support. 

One Knight said that the fair had had good foot traffic so far on Saturday morning. 

Fair attendees could purchase goods from the fairs vendors for most of the booths, or buy tickets for $1 each from the Knights that would buy hamburgers, hot dogs, drinks and more at the Knight’s food table or could be used at the group’s raffle table. Almost all of the vendors donated an item to the raffle for the Knights to sell. 

Music drifted over the fair, punctuated periodically with announcements (and one request to say how great the apple crisp was). 

Tri-Town vendors included the Friends of the Mattapoisett COA, Mattapoisett Bird Works, Captain Bonney’s, and Buzzards Bay Bee Company, which has hives in Marion, and Mattapoisett. 

At her booth, Kitty de Groot explained to visitors that some of her honey was darker and other honey lighter because the bees visited different flowers.

She explained that the darker honey was usually more flavorful, though she said “they don’t tell you what they ate, so you just have to taste it and see.” 

The Knights of Columbus will continue their fair Sept. 29 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.