Vote to support Industrial Drive improvements, bike path

Oct 7, 2019

To the Editor:

The Friends of the Bike Path urge voters to go to Fall Town Meeting and Vote “yes” on Article 20. This article funds a variety of needed improvements to Town infrastructure including a bridge that’s getting ready to fail, improvements on and near Industrial Drive, and local residential roads. Town Meeting is Oct. 21 at 6:30 p.m. at Old Rochester High School auditorium.

The Friends of Bike Path especially support work in the neighborhood of Industrial Drive. That project includes improving the intersection at North Street, creating safe pedestrian crossing at the Park and Ride and separating walkers and bikers from vehicles on Industrial Drive for when traffic inevitably increases there. The proposed work also includes Mattapoisett's part of a bikeable connection to the Marion. Marion’s bike path has funding planned for 2022-23. They anticipate 75% plans to be submitted to MassDOT at the end of this year. Marion’s work will stop at our joint town boundary. If we do our part, then conditions for walking, running and biking will improve for everyone. With a series of road improvements, Mattapoisett’s underdeveloped commercial zone will be in a position to grow faster and generate a bigger tax base.

Doing road reconstruction for a better tax base while getting pedestrian bike traffic off the road for safety makes the most sense, especially with state and federal and private grants contributing to the cost.  Please vote yes on Article 20.

Bonne DeSousa
Friends of the Mattapoisett Bicycle and Recreational Path