Marion man faces multiple charges following SWAT raid

Sep 16, 2013

A Marion man is being held without bail after he allegedly threatened to kill family members and a Marion Police Department officer.

Late Saturday, police responded to Cross Neck Road following a report that Jeffrey E. Tosca, 30, was armed and may be a danger to himself and others.

Around 4:30 a.m. on Sunday, police entered the home and arrested Tosca without incident.

On Monday, Judge Therese Wright ordered Tosca to be held until a Thursday, Sept. 19 hearing to determine if he poses a danger to the public. If Tosca is deemed dangerous, he can be held without bail.

Tosca was charged with multiple crimes following a SWAT team raid of his family’s home.

According to prosecutors, police discovered firearms hidden in the backyard, a bulletproof vest, and a court document with a knife driven through it inside the home.

The Southeastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council Special Weapons and Tactics team (SWAT) arrived at the home around 10 p.m. after Tosca’s mother notified Marion police about disturbing phone calls from her son.

In court, Paula Tosca said her son “threatened to put a bullet in his father’s head” in addition to threatening an individual Marion police officer.

Tosca called his parents while they were attending a wedding out of state, according to court documents.

Following the call, SWAT members secured the exterior of the home to apprehend Tosca, who has faced previous charged related to drugs, firearm possession, and assault.

Police negotiators unsuccessfully attempted to contact Tosca by phone. Also, they received no response when they tried to communicate with a public address system.

Police used a remote controlled robot with a video camera to locate Tosca, who was found asleep on a couch. Officers entered the house and arrested him.

Prosecutors said a firearm was found inside a plastic container hidden in brush outside. Police said a loaded Magnum 357 was also found. A bulletproof vest and knives were beneath Tosca’s bed. The court document, his bail notification from Saturday's earlier run-in with police, had been stabbed with a knife, according to prosecutors.

Saturday afternoon, Marion police  responded to the house after a neighbor reported Tosca and his mother were arguing in the driveway. Police arrived and told Tosca to leave the property for 24 hours. That incident is being treated as a separate case and Tosca faces a trespassing charge.

Judge Wright ordered Tosca held in lieu of $1,000 bail for that case. Wright also issued a restraining order against Tosca at the request of his mother.

Tosca must remain at least 100 yards away from Paula Tosca, have no contact with her, and surrender any other firearms he may have. Paula Tosca requested the order because she believed her son might harm himself or others.

She described the whole incident as “a horrific day.”

Prior to that, she said her son exhibited model behavior for eight weeks.

At the arraignment, Judge Wright asked Paula Tosca if her son had shown questionable behavior before. “In the past, yes he showed threatening behavior, but not to this level,” Paula Tosca said.

When Tosca was given the chance to speak, he said members of the Marion Police Department unfairly targeted him and his father, a corrections officer, during a previous interaction.

Tosca claimed Marion officers had once entered the home without sufficient evidence and arrested his father.

While jailed for the current charges, Tosca said Marion officers taunted him.

According to Tosca, he had no recollection of the raid or his actions on Saturday due to side effects of the anti-anxiety medication Klonopin.

Tosca is charged with multiple crimes, including two counts of threats to commit a crime; one count trespassing; one count malicious destruction of property more than $250; two counts larceny; two counts possession of a firearm; and one count possession of ammunition.