Mattapoisett Boatyard may extend launch, pump-out services

May 28, 2014

Mattapoisett Boatyard’s launch and pump-out services will continue this boating season, but with some additions, if all goes well.

For two years, the company, located on Ned’s Point Road, has provided a launch service for the town after winning a bid. For a fee, people can request a ride from Barstow Wharf to their boats and back again.

“We would like to continue there, but I believe the weekend people and people who go for longer trips, they tend to go down to the town dock,” boatyard owner David Kaiser told Selectmen on Tuesday night.

He said they might have more “traction” if they were able to pull up to a designated area on Town Wharf to pick people up.

So far, the launch service for the town, which is in addition to that provided to Mattapoisett Boatyard mooring holders, has not been profitable.

But, said Kaiser, “We continue to operate it because we like to think that by reaching out to more boaters in the harbor we are gaining more service work as a result.”

He also said the service helps people utilize their boats more often.

Harbormaster Jill Simmons said she would work with Kaiser on a plan for the launch at Town Wharf.

Kaiser also gave Selectmen an update on the pump-out service it offers through a contract with the state. The service removes wastewater from boats, which might otherwise be released into the harbor.

Mattapoisett Boatyard offers its pump-out service on a “will call basis” and services all of Mattapoisett Harbor, said Kaiser.

Town Administrator Mike Gagne asked Kaiser to extend his services to Leisure Shores Marina, owned by Robert Ringuette. The boatyard has been under fire recently for environmental violations and permitting issues.

Gagne said until the marina has its own service, he would like to see Kaiser’s company provide a weekly pump-out to boats there.

“I think it’s very important. There are boats over there that are just summer cottages. There are boats that don’t leave,” said Selectman Paul Silva. “If they can’t move, then where is the waste going?”

Kaiser said he was willing to do the pump-outs.

“If everybody cooperates, I don’t see a problem,” he said.