Jeweler replaces engagement ring lost on Halloween

Sep 26, 2016

After seeing a post about a lost engagement ring, Dartmouth’s Silva & Co. Jewelers took Beyoncé’s advice: They “liked” it and then put a ring on it.

Last Halloween, former Rochester resident Joelyn Moniz, née Conde, handed her engagement ring to her fiancé, Ian Moniz, because it had loosened in the cool weather and she didn’t want it to fall off while they went trick or treating with their daughter, Payton. But when Ian checked his pocket for the ring about 45 minutes later, it was missing.

The couple, who currently live in New Bedford but met while studying at Old Colony Voc-Tech, searched high and low, from Rochester to Marion. They unbolted the seats of their car, combed Joelyn’s parents’ lawn with three different metal detectors, scanned Cumberland Farms in Marion where they’d stopped for gas and posted photos to Facebook in hopes that someone would find and return the ring. The searches and posts proved fruitless.

This month, nearly a year later, and about four months since their May wedding, Joelyn reposted the Sippican Week article about the missing ring “on a whim” on Facebook. While it still didn’t turn up, Jackie Webb-Pinheiro saw the post and contacted Silva & Co. Jewelers, in which her father, Stan Webb, is a partner with Eddie Silva.

Store Manager Jenny Fernandes got the call and said her first question was: “How big is it?”

The original ring had an approximately half-karat diamond.

“We wanted to get her something of equal or greater value. We didn’t want to replace it with just anything,” said Fernandes.

The store opened at Dartmouth Mall less than two weeks ago, on Joelyn’s birthday, and the partners saw the gift as a way to do something nice for the couple while also getting the word out about the new business.

“It’s not everyday we can give away a ring,” Fernandes said, but being able to help customers is something the company wants to do. “We want people to know that we’re here to stay.”

Joelyn didn’t believe it when Webb-Pinheiro said they wanted to give her a ring.

“I didn’t answer for a while,” said Joelyn, assuming there was a catch. She eventually replied with a wary “OK thanks.”

Before the couple came in, Silva had a ring similar to Joelyn’s overnighted. He also had a selection of diamonds for her to choose, from a half to a whole carat.

Joelyn picked an .82-carat diamond and Silva & Co. placed it in a halo setting surrounded by diamonds like that of her lost ring, but slightly larger.

The bride, who is pregnant with the couple’s second daughter, and Ian are still paying for the first ring, which their grandparents helped them to purchase.

So, even as she tried on the rings, Joelyn thought, “There’s no way this is actually happening. When are they going to run my credit?”

But there wasn’t a catch, though Joelyn said the whole experience still feels surreal.

For her part, Joelyn said she wants to express her thanks to Silva & Co. and Webb-Pinheiro.

“Although the ring is a very materialistic thing, it really hurt us emotionally... We lost a valuable item with such sentiment that you couldn't put a price tag on,” Joelyn wrote on Facebook.

She said that the new ring can’t replace the one her husband originally gave her, but it has a sentimental value all its own.

“It showed us that there are still people who genuinely care about others,” said Joelyn. “We will forever cherish the good that you have placed in our world.”