New program looks to make Mattapoisett more energy efficient

Jan 25, 2017

Eversource is looking to cut 25 percent of energy usage in Mattapoisett as part of its Clean Energy Communities program.

“We’re looking to help your community become a little more efficient and integrate some smart cities technologies,” said Diana McCarthy-Bercury.

An Eversource representative, McCarthy-Bercury presented the plan at Tuesday’s Selectmen meeting.

Mattapoisett is one of two towns in the state, along with Dartmouth, selected to kickoff the initiative in the Commonwealth. A similar program has already seen success in Connecticut where 95 percent of municipalities have signed on.

“The program is all about engaging your residents and your businesses and any other grassroots organizations to increase participation in the Mass Save program,” McCarthy-Bercury said.

Mass Save is a program that assesses energy usage in homes and can provide discounts on power-saving utilities and other tools for improving energy efficiency.

The Clean Energy Communities program also includes assessments for small businesses, town buildings and schools.

“When you join the Clean Energy Communities program we commit to helping the town promote these wonderful services,” McCarthy-Bercury said.

Businesses can get discounts on upgrades, up to 70 percent of the cost and with zero percent interest loans for two years.

In addition to home and small business assessments, Clean Energy Communities works with schools to educate kids on energy efficiency. The program also includes donations of “smart” power strips and LED lights to schools who can then use them for fundraisers.

The whole Clean Energy program will begin with a light bulb swap in the spring where residents can bring in old bulbs and get replacement LED bulbs for free. From there, information will be distributed throughout the community, and there will be town-wide events as well.

The town and its residents will pay nothing to participate...because they already do.

McCarthy-Bercury explained that every electricity and gas ratepayer already contributes to a state-mandated fund with the goal to “improve the reliability and stability of the grid, reduce the impact power generation has on the environment [and] help make energy more affordable for everybody in the state.”

“In other words,” said Selectman Tyler Macallister, “you’re already paying for it, you might as well take advantage of it.”

More information will be available on the town’s website,, and in coming months.