Golf team finishes season undefeated

Oct 16, 2017

The Old Rochester Regional High School golf team secured an undefeated regular season with a 256-276 win over Dartmouth on October 16.

With a South Coast Conference championship win already in the bag and postseason looming, the season has progressed quite differently than what Head Coach Chris Cabe was expecting.

“We’ve had a tremendous year coming off a year I thought was going to be a rebuilding year for us,” Cabe said. “We lost seven seniors last year. We still had our top three from last year but our bottom five are all newbies to the starting lineup.”

Those that did return, however, stepped up big time. The team’s top three seniors – Collin Fitzpatrick, Jason Gamache, and Jacob Yeomans – provided valuable leadership for an otherwise young team. Their golf skills were also valuable in establishing early leads in many of the Bulldogs’ wins, Cabe explained.

Aided by junior Alex Henry’s advancement in the starting lineup, and two freshmen– Cass Yeomans and Alex Wright – who quickly joined the starting lineup this season as newbies helped preserve strengths from years past.

“We were able to maintain our depth, which was one of our strengths the past couple of years so that’s really helped us out this year," Cabe said.

Wright has always been a fan of golf, starting out when he was younger but he began getting into the game and working on his skills over the past several years before joining the team. Although nervous at first, he quickly settled into his role.

“I really didn’t know what to expect this season, but as soon as things started going I adapted,” Wright said. “We have a good group of guys that made it easier and the seniors are always there to help out if you need it.”

With the postseason looming, Cabe is hesitant to set expectations because of the unknowns surrounding the team’s new division rivals after being moved from Div. 3 to Div. 2.

“It’s a little different for us since we moved up to Div. 2,” Cabe said. “I know we’ll be going up against bigger schools we’re not used to going up against.”

Postseason action is slated to begin on October 24 with individual and team qualifiers.