ORR Pep Rally: Dance-offs declare ORR victory

Oct 20, 2017

Old Rochester Regional High School principal Mike Devoll knew one thing about this year's homecoming pep rally: "It's going to be the best one ever!" he told the gathered high school students.

The pep rally kicked off with a performance from the high school's cheerleaders, before launching into the homecoming skits.

Every year, each class decides on a theme for their skit. This year, the freshmen chose a time travel story. After all, according to the class's narrator, the only way Seekonk (the opposing team in the homecoming football game) could defeat ORR was to travel back in time and steal Troubles, ORR's bulldog mascot, in 1980.

This led to a dance off between Seekonk's 2017 team and Old Rochester's 1980 team; a dance-off that ORR handily won.

Dance-offs were a theme for the night; in the sophomore class skit, the Smurfs (ORR) defeated Gargamel and his minions (Seekonk) via dance-off after Gargamel stole Smurfette away. The Smurfs received some wise counsel from Troubles, incognito as Papa Smurf.

The junior class, channeling Super Mario Brothers, saw Bowser steal Troubles after a TV glitch meant that Bowser could step through the screen. Mario and Luigi faced off against several game levels, evading mushrooms and slippery bananas before reaching the bulldog in the castle.

The senior class chose to focus on "The Lion King," where Scar and his minions, with the help of Seekonk, had recently overthrown Mufasa from his throne. Simba, heir to ORR's throne, is lost and adrift before meeting Timon, Pumbaa and Troubles, who teach him the meaning of "Hakuna Matata."

When Simba finally decided to fight for his home (ORR), he threw down Scar and Scar's coyote minions, prompting more dancing.

"I was right," Devoll said as the pep rally closed. "This was the best homecoming pep rally ever!"


See part of the junior class's Mario-themed skit below. Video by: Andrea Ray