New desks, ADA compliance coming to Mattapoisett Library

Oct 25, 2017

Changes are coming to Mattapoisett Library.

Members of the Board of Trustees and Library Director Susan Pizzolato were at the Board of Selectmen meeting on Tuesday night to let the selectmen know.

“We’ve been working with the Library Trust and Board of Trustees to look at operations, how the library flows and how the community uses it,” Pizzolato said. “We’re going to make some changes to the floor plan and get some new furniture.”

One of the furniture changes planned is the lowering of a side portion of the circulation desk in the Children’s Library downstairs. The desk is too high for children to see over, Pizzolato said, so they often have to stand on a stool to check books in and out.

“We’ve actually had to put a rubber bumper on the desk because we’ve had so many kids split their lips on the desk,” Pizzolato said.

Not only would lowering a portion of the desk make it easier for children, but it would also help with compliance of the American Disabilities Act, she added.

New work desks that make it easier for library staff to help patrons are also on the list.

“Staff would be able to work with patrons side by side,” Pizzolato said. “Right now you kind of have to lean over the desk with a lot of stuff in the way.”

Selectmen were supportive of the projects, and thanked the Trustees and Pizzolato for telling them about it.

“Thank you for advising us ahead of time so we didn’t hear it through the grape vine,” Select Chair Paul Silva said. “I have a lot of confidence in [the Trustees].”

Selectman Jordan Collyer also urged that the lowering of the children’s library desk be one of the first things done.

“I highly recommend that ADA compliance is at the top of the list,” he said.

The projects will be funded by private donations to the library's non-profit.