New Rochester town website to debut November 20

Oct 31, 2017

Work on a new website for the Town of Rochester is underway, with the results expected to be made available to the public on November 20.

"We've been working with the designer," said Rochester's Town Administrator Suzanne Szyndlar, "and everything is still on track for that release date."

She told Rochester's Board of Selectmen on October 20 that troubleshooting would still need to take place. The task will likely involve members of the town's government going through the website's various pages to search for any bugs or other problems.

Selectman Woody Hartley has been intent on a new website since his first day on the board. In his first meeting, he professed his irritation with the town's outdated website. "Do we post anything on there? Any agendas? Any information?" he asked, wondering how residents could get any information from an incorrect website.

"Well, we post weather emergencies sometimes," said fellow Selectman Naida Parker at the time, noting her annoyance with how difficult the current website is to update. "It takes so long to post that sometimes by the time it's available, it's Monday and the weekend is already over anyway."

Hartley suggested looking over Marion and Mattapoisett's town websites (the Town of Marion's site has recently been revamped itself) to decide what was good, what was lacking, and working from there to produce a user-friendly website.