Marion resident talks teaching at TEDx New Bedford

Nov 14, 2017

Marion resident Bart Nourse was arrested in the Kingdom of Tonga. When he arrived at the jail, he saw a sign. It read: "Prisoners not back by 6 will be locked out overnight."

“That’s when I learned that we don’t all see the world the same way,” Nourse said. “The issue of seeing is important to all of us…The ways we see the world is the function in which we learn.”

This is one of the stories Nourse told at the TEDx New Bedford event on Nov. 11.

TED talks are organized by a non-profit, while TEDx events are independently organized events in the same spirit of sharing ideas through speakers.

NIn December 1977, he was out going for a run while in Tonga. It was hot, so he was jogging shirtless. Soon, he heard sirens and a Tongan policeman approached him. He was arrested for exerting himself on the sabbath and for being shirtless.

Nourse also shared stories about memorable teachers he had growing up, including an English teacher in middle school. She had students play their two favorite songs and then give an oral presentation on them. After the presentations, she told the class their affinity for rhyme and rhythm made them ready for the poetry unit.

“There is no best way of teaching,” Nourse said. “But the best teachers share a passion for their subject and a passion for learning.”

Nourse stressed the importance of learning, and continuing to prioritize education for yourself.

“I think when you look into the mirror, you’re you best teacher,” he said. “You’re the only companion with you for your whole life…Put yourself in a position to learn.”