Marion Public Works Superintendent to retire

Nov 29, 2017

After 46 years with the Department of Public Works, Superintendent Rob Zora is retiring.

The Marion Board of Selectmen announced Zora’s retirement at Tuesday night’s meeting. A date isn’t set in stone yet, but Town Administrator Paul Dawson said he expects Zora’s last day to be around Dec. 15.

“[Zora] has been with Marion since 1971,” Dawson said. “He’s a 46-year employee, and has been the superintendent for the past 33 years, since 1984. It’s good news for [Zora] and his family, but hard for us because when you have a longtime employee like that, you have so much institutional knowledge that goes with him.”

The selectmen expressed their thanks to Zora for his years of service to the town.

“He always puts the town first,” Chair Jody Dickerson said. “I’ve enjoyed working with him over the years…He’ll be missed.”

Dawson said that Zora will work with town officials to figure`out the best way to proceed.

“He’s not going to disappear into the sunset, and we certainly need to talk about how to tap into [his knowledge],” Dawson said. “It’s so rare these days to work 46 years anywhere. That’s a long time. It’s not something you see so much anymore.”

“I was 7 when he started,” Dickerson quipped.