Sippican School officials pleased with MCAS results

Nov 30, 2017

School officials expressed their pride in the Sippican School MCAS scores at Wednesday night’s Marion School Committee meeting.

At Sippican School, scores were above state averages across the board, with 62 percent of students meeting or exceeding English expectations, and 68 percent scoring likewise in mathematics. Fifty-six percent of students met or exceeded expectations in the science portion of the test.

This was the first year of the so-called MCAS 2.0 test, which Marion School Committee Chair Christine Marcolini said measured a different type of skill.

“It’s really a shift of writing in response to what you’re reading and being able to work with that,” Marcolini said. “It’s really a more complicated skill-set.”

She also added that the state had expectations in place that would purposefully challenge schools, and Sippican students and staff should be proud for meeting those.

“The state had a vision of a certain percentage of kids not meeting expectations, and a small amount meeting expectations,” Marcolini said. “Sippican really was at a higher level, and that’s a big point of pride because the test was designed with thresholds to make it difficult to get there.”

Sippican School Principal Lyn Rivet pointed out some positive statistics for the school, including that there was between 99 and 100 percent participation across the board in the school.

Going forward, Rivet said the concentration would be on writing to improve scores even further.

“We’re going to be thinking about the strategic use of cross-curricular instruction, and writing being the way of life in every kind of instruction,” she said. “We’re going to be doing writing in science, writing in social studies…Thinking will become your writing.”