Residents, colleagues say goodbye to retiring police chief

Dec 30, 2017

Marion police officers, residents, town employees and other area police chiefs gathered at the Marion police station on Friday afternoon to say their goodbyes and thank yous to retiring police chief Lincoln Miller.

“I could not have asked for a more competent and professional manager,” Town Administrator Paul Dawson said. “He is the epitome of professional.”

Resident Dale Jones gave his kudos to Miller for being an integral part of getting a new police station built.

“He worked awfully hard for this police station,” Jones said. “We’re very fortunate to have what we have.”

Incoming chief John Garcia presented Miller with a plaque for his years of service, joking that Miller was able to retire so young because he started at the department as a high schooler.

“At 18, [Miller] was assigned to desk duty by the Board of Selectmen,” Garcia said. “So long as it didn’t interfere with his grades…he was still in high school. That’s how he got his 35 years in.”

As for Miller, he isn’t worried about how the department will fare after he leaves.

“I know we’re in good hands with Chief Garcia,” he said.

Below, the police chiefs of Carver, Kingston and Bridgewater sound off on what Miller has meant to them.

Marc Duphily, police chief in Carver:

“I’ve only been a chief for five years, so I’m relatively new to the chief world, but he’s always been just a phone call away. When I reach out he’s very responsive. He’s done a lot for communication in the state and the region. I wish him well in retirement. It’ll be a loss.”

Maurice Splaine, police chief in Kingston:

“We worked together on regional collaborations, and he was one of the most senior chiefs so we looked to him for guidance and input. He’s been instrumental with the radio systems. All his knowledge about regional communication will be hard to replace…You end up having a void in knowledge when people move on. It’ll be really hard for somebody to replace him. I do know [Garcia] on some level. He’s extremely competent.”

Chris Delmonte, police chief in Bridgewater:

“[Miller] was great as far as communications. He’s been a great resource. I think Garcia is cut from a very similar mold. We don’t operate as an island, and [Miller] has been a part of that community. He’s been a big help to me, and done a great job for collaborating regionally and I think that will continue. It’s bittersweet to see someone you know and trust leave, but I’m sure that tradition will continue.”