324 Front St. demolished for future condos

Jan 12, 2018

The property at 324 Front St. has been demolished to make way for a new building.

The property owner is Christian Loranger, and according to plans filed with the town, the new building will house four units. The total square footage of the new building will be 7,306 square feet, which is 383 square feet smaller than the building that was demolished.

The previous building had also housed four units. Originally, Loranger wanted to build a five-unit structure on the site but faced backlash from neighbors who thought the project would be too large and detrimental to the neighborhood.

The Zoning Board of Appeals denied Loranger's request for a special permit to increase the structure from four units to five units in April.

The building permit for the four-unit structure was granted by Building Commissioner Scott Shippey on Nov. 20. By right, Loranger can construct a building within the same footprint and volume of the former building.

In the former building, there were three floors and a basement. According to Shippey, Loranger did some grading to turn the basement into a first floor. The first three floors will be 1,912 square feet and the fourth will be 1,570 square feet.