Mattapoisett schools budget proposed to increase 2.9 percent

Jan 23, 2018

The proposed budget for Mattapoisett elementary schools next year is $7,118,000, which is a $200,000 and 2.9 percent increase.

Keeping in line with the district goals of enhancing science and technology programs, the school will look to add a new science, technology, engineering and math coordinator position.

“It’s critically important that all these science standards be addressed in every grade level,” Principal Rose Bowman said. “The STEM coordinator would work with all these grade levels and collaborate and co-teach.”

The teachers would still be in charge of teaching their own science units, but whoever fills the proposed position would guide and lead the charge.

“The focus on science is a primary goal that we have,” Bowman said. “We want to make sure that every unit is taught to every child. We don’t have more time, so we have to make the best use of the time we do have.”

The district would also add a second full-time nurse. Currently, there is one nurse and one nurse’s assistant that cares for the students across Center School and Old Hammondtown School.

“That would change so we have a full time nurse in each school,” Bowman said. “The nurses would switch back and forth between school because they need to know every student’s needs.”

Additionally, the budget plans to cut one teaching position. Based on enrollment estimates, educators believe Old Hammondtown will only need three fourth grade classes instead of the four they currently have.

“The minus one teacher,” School Committee Chair Rachel Westgate wondered, “is there someone that’s retiring this year?”

“No, not that we’re aware of,” Bowman said.