Rare goat kids born at Pine Meadow Alpacas

Feb 24, 2018

The total population of the rare Arapawa goat just grew a little bigger.

Two Arapawa goats belonging to the Paine family, owners of Pine Meadow Alpacas farm in Mattapoisett, gave birth earlier this month.

Both goats gave birth to a set of twins, totaling three males and one female. The first set was born Feb. 8, and the second set were born the following week on Valentine's Day.

The Paines plan to keep the female to further the conservation of the breed but will likely sell the males.

For now, the four kids have been enjoying running around the yard with each other and grazing with their mothers.

"Once they're born and dried off, the moms do it all," Jeffrey Paine said.

"They're good moms," Heidi Paine added.

There are only around 500 Arapawa goats worldwide, and the Paines acquired theirs via a Craigslist sale.