Seven dwarves give their spin on "Snow White" at ORRJHS

Mar 10, 2018

The students of Old Rochester Regional Junior High School's Drama Club are ready to take the stage in this year's production of "The Snow White Variety Show."

There are dwarves, princesses, an evil queen with an (artisan) poison apple, a Huntsman, and a handsome prince. But the talk-show format of the play also adds the chance for humor.

On the talk show, each dwarf will discuss Snow White's story—as each dwarf speaks, Snow White's story is acted out in their voice. Romantic comedy, crime investigation, or home improvement show—it all depends on who is telling the story.

The usual dwarf suspects may not be the ones telling the story, either. Heretofore unknown, dwarves Rowdy, Howdy, Wordy Nerdy, Weepy, Creepy and Bob's opinions on the story might differ a bit from the traditionally-accepted version.

Weepy doesn't hold back his opinion of the very brief courtship between Snow White and the Prince. "Why would she marry some random prince who she'd never met before? That's not romantic! That's creepy!"