Town House options are bad for taxpayers

Mar 29, 2018

To the Editor:

A recent Sippican Week letter to the editor was titled, "Most residents want townhouse renovation." That’s a real stretch. In fact, the town is far from consensus on the matter.

As a community, Marion has yet to address the difference between "want" and "need."  Families learn this and try to teach their children for fear they would otherwise become spoiled. Just getting whatever, whenever breaks any budget -- family or town.

Recent censorship actions taken by the Marion Board of Selectmen -- which eliminated a choice in the matter -- say more about members' personal agendas than demonstrate effectual leadership.

So, we, as a broken community, march toward a Special Town Meeting showdown. What's at stake? Your tax rate.

Each one of the plans we have cooked up will add hundreds to each and every property owner's annual tax bill. Earlier in the Town House debate I overheard someone say, “it's just a few hundred dollars…what's the big deal?”

It all reminds me of Ben Franklin: “Penny wise and pound foolish.” The point being obvious -- saving nickels and dimes while breaking the bank on capital expenditures is still a bad idea.

Chris Collings

River Road