Selectman candidate profile: David Arancio

Apr 3, 2018

When Selectman Naida Parker announced she was not going to run again for her seat on the board, David Arancio saw his opportunity to get more involved.

“I’ve thought about it for a little while, and the timing was right,” he said. “I’ve had some people in town that have asked me if I would consider it, and not having an incumbent running for the first time in 12 years gives an opportunity for people who want to get involved to run. So I threw my hat in the race.”

As a four-year member of the Zoning Board of Appeals and a three-year member of the Finance Committee, Arancio has gotten the behind-the-scenes look at Rochester. He said he hasn’t noticed any huge underlying problems, but does want to encourage more community involvement.

“What I would like to see formed is an effort to push people to be well informed when there is an issue,” he said. “I’d like to see that collective energy and push it together into a process that allows for, hopefully, a positive result.”

One idea he has for encouraging community involvement is adding a “citizen’s input” item on every Board of Selectmen agenda. This would designate time at every meeting for residents to ask questions, voice concerns or just talk to the selectmen.

“That would certainly be one of those things I push for,” he said.

Overall, Arancio said he doesn’t see huge changes necessary to the way the Board of Selectmen operates, but is an advocate for planning.

“I’m a big process guy,” he said. “…The board has to have goals – far-reaching goals and realistic and attainable goals. That process is really important to me…We should be able to have any new board member come in and be able to say, ‘Here’s a snapshot of what has happened prior, and here are our goals for the next three years or five years.’”

The election is slated for April 11, and Arancio said no matter who you vote for, it’s important just to vote.

“It’s one of the liberties that we have that we get to to annually,” he said. “I would love to have this election turnout be a record turnout, regardless of the result.”

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